2017 Canadian Garden Tourism Awards Program

To acknowledge and share garden best practices and to recognize those that contribute to and excel at creating partnerships between gardens and tourism.

  1. Garden of the Year
    Entries in this category should have proven success in attracting and engaging tourists to the garden and its events and activities; and in developing an effective tourism strategy.

  2. New Garden Experience of the Year
    Entries should demonstrate how they’ve planned, developed and delivered a new garden experience to the tourism market. These might include, but are not limited to: new gardens, new garden experiences, guided walks, tours, packages, or lifestyle and cultural experiences including food and drink tastings, music or art. This award may apply to a previous or upcoming year

  3. Garden Destination of the Year
    As Destination of the Year, entries should demonstrate how multiple garden experiences, offerings, garden partnerships or garden marketing strategies make their city or region a must visit for garden tourists.

  4. Garden Person of the Year
    As Person of the Year, the nominee must have demonstrated exceptional skills or achievement at promoting and advocating for garden tourism. Nominees may represent public gardens, the horticultural or tourism industry or the media sector.

  5. Garden Media Person of the Year
    Nominees in this category may represent traditional print media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television and/or digital outlets including blogs, in such sectors as consumer gardening or garden-related consumer travel. Applicants must have demonstrated how their works have helped to promote garden tourism for a destination, a province or Canada.

  6. Garden Festival/Exhibition/Event of the Year
    Nominees must demonstrate how their Festival/Exhibition/Event works with the tourism industry, offers appealing garden experiences and generates garden tourism results. This award can be for an ongoing, past or an upcoming garden Festival/Exhibition/Event. Awards may be given in any or all three subcategories, as appropriate. When applying, please indicate whether your entry falls under the ‘Festival’, ‘Event’ or ‘Exhibition’ category.

  7. Destination Garden Centre of the Year
    Destination garden centres draw visitors from near and far with demonstration gardens and a very active events and promotions program, as well as offering venues for eating (cafes, restaurants etc.) and lifestyle experiences such as spa treatments. Nominees must demonstrate how these elements contribute to making the garden centre appeal to tourists through these experiences, and/or how the garden centre has worked with the tourism sector to position the garden centre as an attraction.

  8. Garden Community Destination of the Year—Communities in Bloom
    Nominee needs to demonstrate how their community has worked with the tourism sector to promote their garden experience(s) to garden tourists in their targeted markets. This could be a new marketing initiative, a tourism packaging of their garden experience(s) or an addition to their garden experience appeal.

  9. Best Garden Marketing Campaign of the Year
    Nominees in this category must show how their overall marketing strategy, or an element of the strategy, has expanded or strengthened their position as a garden tourism attraction and supported their garden tourism offering and results. Elements of the campaign could be social media, websites, print, radio, television or digital marketing campaigns, marketing partnerships, promotions, etc.

  10. Garden Media of the Year
    Nominees must demonstrate how their media outlets and products, i.e. consumer magazines (print and/or digital), radio or television, website, or other media have contributed to promoting garden tourism and/or supported its development.
  • Deadlines: Nominations open October 15 and close December 15, 2016. Winners will be announced at the Garden Tourism Conference (March 13 to 15, 2017 in Toronto) at the Garden Tourism Awards Luncheon on March 14. www.gardentourismconference.com
  • Description: Entries for each award should describe how nominees have met the goals of the award category under which you are applying. Descriptions must demonstrate the ways in which you’ve been successful in connecting gardens and tourism.
  • Supporting materials (optional): Descriptions may be supported by testimonials, articles published in the media, videos (maximum 2 minutes), brochures, letters of support, etc. or any other element that clearly demonstrates the success of the nominee.
  • Third party nominations for any of the award categories are welcome, and must follow the eligibility guidelines outlined above.
  • Unless otherwise mentioned, these awards are for previous year (2016) accomplishments.
  • Nominations may be submitted at www.gardencouncil.ca
Nominees in each category will be judged on each of the following criteria:
  • Ingenuity, Creativity & Innovation
  • Partnership Development (tourism, community, media etc.)
  • Staff & Volunteer Involvement
  • Sustainability
  • Impact
To read about winners of the 2015 Canadian Garden Tourism Awards, click on the ‘News’ button at the top of the page.