Canadian Garden Council

The Canadian Garden Council is the national umbrella body for provincial and national garden organizations. The Council manages: Canada's Garden Route, Garden Days, Garden Tourism Conference and Garden Tourism Awards.


To champion the garden experience sector's contributions to the well-being of Canadians; the sustainability of our communities; and to promote the joys and benefits of gardens, gardening, urban and municipal landscapes and green infrastructure.


To generate development and growth of the garden experience sector by:
  • being the national platform through which garden organizations and organizers come together with common goals;
  • developing programs, resources and services;
  • promoting the role and benefits of Canadian gardens and gardening activities as integral components of our communities and their tourism experiences;
  • fostering increased visitation to, and interest in, gardens and participation in gardening activities.

  1. To contribute to the development and celebration of the Canadian Garden Culture
  2. To promote the 'triple bottom line' (social, economic and environmental) impact of garden experiences and gardening in communities across Canada
  3. To enrich Canada's tourism offering with the many and varied Garden Experiences within the provinces and territories
  4. To work with the Canadian horticultural industry to stimulate garden experience development and grow the gardening clientele
  5. To be the vehicle through which we tell Canadian garden-related stories and share them with pride with Canadians and the world
  6. To facilitate collaboration and cooperation between garden experience organizers
  7. To facilitate collaboration and cooperation between local, provincial, national and territorial garden organizations
  8. To be the voice of gardens vis-à-vis other related sectors or industries interested in developing and promoting Canadian Garden Experiences e.g. education, art, culture, culinary, heritage, tourism, etc.
  9. To foster, develop, monitor and share research related to gardens and gardening development and trends
  10. To evaluate and measure development and performance on an ongoing basis to ensure continued growth and success of the sector
  11. To operate with integrity in a professional business manner.


Canadian Garden Council Board

British Columbia - BC Garden Tourism Society
Dave Cowen
General Manager, The Butchart Gardens

Ex-0fficio Dale Ryan
Director Public Relations, Sales & Marketing, The Butchart Gardens

Ruby Swanson (Chair, Membership Committee)
General Manager, Devonian Botanical Garden

Gerald Dieleman
Director Horticulture, Assiniboine Park Conservancy

Ontario – Ontario Garden Council
Harry Jongerden
Executive Director, Toronto Botanical Garden

Liz Klose
Chair, Garden Days Committee
Project Coordinator, Growing Our Markets Project

Québec - Association des grands jardins du Québec
Alexander Reford (Council Chair)
Director, Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens

New Brunswick
Jean Aucoin
Director, New Brunswick Botanical Garden

Tim Henderson
General Manager, Kingsbrae Garden

Nova Scotia
Trish Fry
General Manager, Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

Tracy Jessen and Helen MacLean
Halifax Public Gardens

Kim Shipp
Director, Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanic Garden (MUNBG)

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association
Bill Hardy
Chair, Marketing Committee

Ex-officio Anne Bowering
Communications Coordinator

Communities in Bloom
Raymond Carrière
Founding President


Michel Gauthier
Executive Director

Carol Cowan
Director Operations & Marketing